The Major Mahama Trust Fund Bill; Our Take

The government has began the process of establishing a trust fund in honour of the late Major Maxwell Mahama and already it has generated intensed public debate.

When established, the fund which is intended to cater adequately for the wife and children of the slain soldier has already been met with mixed reactions from the public.

While some are in support of the establishment of the fund, many others are of the opinion that it should be expanded to cover all soldiers who die in line of duty.

There are some who even argue that the fund should be extended to cover all citizens who die serving the country.

Indeed, if every Ghanaian was allowed to express an opinion on the establishment of the fund, the arguments could be stretched to absurd limits as many have began saying very unpalatable things already.

It is, therefore, prudent to limit the public debate on the merits and the demerits in a more structured manner in order to have sound arguments for or against the establishment of the fund.

So far, listening to the debate, one gets the impression that there is majority support for the establishment of the fund but few think that it should be expanded to cover others who die under similar circumstances.

So what is our take? The Ghanaian Times supports the government for establishing the trust fund in honour of Major Mahama and for fulfilling its promise to the family.

The point we make is that, when the government made the promises soon after the gruesome murder of the soldier, no one raised abjections or made suggestions to the proposal.

We, therefore, disagree with all those who think that it is inappropriate to institute the fund for Major Mahama’s family.

All those who are raising the objection now should have done so when the government made the announcement back in at the time the proposal was made and not after a bill has been sent to Parliament for its approval.

We recall that during the funeral of the late Maxwell Adams Mahama, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo posthumously promoted the then 32 year old to the rank of a Major and pledged GH¢500,000 seed money from state coffers for the fund.

For us, the establishment of the fund is, therefore, necessary to give effect to government’s commitment towards the family.

But while commending the government for fulfilling the promise made to the family, we suggest the establishment of a trust fund purposely for citizens who die through similar circumstances while serving the country.

It is often said that a nation that does not honour its heroes is not worth dying for.

The commitment shown by the government would spur citizens on to die a little for our beloved country, knowing that they would be honoured one day.

Indeed, Major Mahama deserves honour.

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