IS the Ashanti Region, and Kumasi in particular, descending into lawlessness and instability? Why has it become necessary for all manner of people to jump unto the streets at the least opportunity and cause mayhem?

What is worrying is that almost every community today is demanding by force for development projects to be sited in their areas.

We are disturbed that these demands often turn rowdy and bloody. Why?

There is no earthly reason for anyone to destroy property in order to force the government to undertake development projects in their community.

Worse still, the lawlessness is not limited to the streets. Community leaders, pastors, politicians and ordinary people insult freely and at will, as though we have lost our sense of decorum.

Ghana is touted as an island of stability in a sub-region characterised by wars, rancour and misunderstanding. Nigeria is currently battling the Boko Haram, Guinea, Mali, Sierra Leone and Liberia are contending with the Ebola pandemic; Ivory Coast has gone through political turbulence, and is yet to recover fully.

Are these what we want to experience? Can we withstand any instability, political and social upheavals? Where shall we run for cover, given our sandwich between three French-speaking countries? Shall we take refuge in the Atlantic Ocean? Indeed can we survive any of these scenarios?

Already we are battling with erratic power outages, the economy is not in the best of shape, unemployment is staring us in the face, and we want to add more? What do we gain from these acts of vandalism: how does the country develop in an arena of insecurity?

We wish to reiterate that all these negative happenings are unacceptable. We need the peace and tranquility to keep the country moving. The vandalism is uncalled for, the sporadic demonstrations and seeming lawlessness are not helping us and must therefore, stop, even now!

We must use dialogue to resolve our differences, if any, and move into the future as one country with one people, and a common destiny.

Enough of the lawlessness all over; it must stop!


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