YESTERDAY afternoon, we received reports that the youth of Kpone had gone on the rampage, visiting mayhem on the people and damaging property. The reason?

They needed such modern amenities as roads, hospitals, potable water and schools.

These, could be genuine and legitimate demands, on their District Assembly, but then, we dare ask: “Was this the way to go about it?”

It seems in recent times, the country has been hit by one disturbance or other. We have witnessed demonstrations, occupation, strikes, and marches over general living conditions, taxes, perceived corruption in high places and school admissions. Stones have been pelted around, other missiles and implements used, insults hurled at so-called big men, and society thrown into disarray.

In some instances, such as the Kpone episode, bottles were thrown at the police, resulting in some of them sustaining injuries. Society in all these cases suffers, because there is general insecurity, with everything thrown out of gear.

Elsewhere in the regions, just as the Kpone youth were tearing the place apart and threatening to raze down the Asogli power plant which is located there, we also heard that another confusion had reared its ugly head at Nsawkaw in the Tain District of the Brong-Ahafo Region.

There, the youth had locked up the offices of the District Chief Executive and thrown him out of his office. Whatever his fault or shortcoming, could dialogue not have been used to sort things out?

Why anarchy everywhere these days?

We haven’t lost count of the numerous strikes and demonstrations which continue to threaten the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi, every other day.

Prison Officers, market women, opposition parties and all manner of people and groups have joined the fray.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the alleged in-fighting between the Regional Minister and his deputy, which forced the hand of the President to remove them from office. Incredible!


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