TWO significant things must happen in the next few days, to clear the way for the general election this year.

They are the Abu Ramadan case before the Supreme Court and the amendment of the constitution to change the date to conduct Presidential and Parliamentary elections in the country from December 7 , of every election year to the first Monday of November, in an election year.

While discussions are underway in Parliament to amend the constitution which is expected to last few days, the Supreme Court is also sitting on the Abu Ramadan case today, to determine how names of National Health Insurance (NHI) card holders are going to be expunged from the voters register.

Since Abu Ramadan and one other brought the case to court, there has been mixed reactions even when the court pronounced its verdict in the first case.

The case before the Supreme Court brings to three the number of the cases Abu Ramadan has brought before the court in respect to the NHI card holders on the register.

Abu Ramadan in the initial case had sought, among others, “a declaration that names of all those who registered with the HNI card as prove of their citizenship should be removed from the voter register.”

The decision of the Supreme Court, is now public knowledge, but what is before the Supreme Court whose decision we await today, is how those names are going to be expunged.

If that decision is made today, we would have scaled a major hurdle in preparation towards the upcoming elections late this year.

And the amendment of the constitution to change the date of the election from December 7 to November 7 would clearly settle the thorny issue of the date for the election and move the preparations towards the election forward.

It is, our hope that, these two issues would be resolved quickly, and decisively to put our minds at ease.

Frankly, the resolution of the two issues, no doubt would bring a huge relief also to all political parties who are going to be the main beneficiaries of the decisions in Parliament and at the Supreme Court.

The two institutions now hold the key to our forward march towards the 2016 general elections which is going to define what the next step would be towards the conduct of the elections.

We are hopeful though that they are going to come out with decisions that would be in the best interest of the country, and acceptable to all.

As we wait with bated breath for the decision, particularly from the Supreme Court, we urge all Ghanaians to support the two institutions by accepting their decisions in good faith.

We recall with concern that in the recent past, a section of Ghanaians have sought to discuss and interpret the decisions of the court and further questioned the wisdom in some of its decisions.

That is unhealthy and could affect the justice delivery system in the long run.

We, therefore, urge all Ghanaians to accept the decisions of the Supreme Court to avoid eroding the confidence in the courts of our beloved country.

We wait for the outcome of the decision from the Supreme Court and the passage of the amendment bill.



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