THE Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) few years ago, may not have been seen as an efficient organisation to rely on.
In times past, many Ghanaians associated the GNFS with inefficiency and blamed their personnel for the destruction of property or loss of lives, if there was a fire outbreak.
Many would blame them for not arriving on time or arriving without water hydrants in their tanks to quench fire.
Their image sunk so low that many gave up on them however, in the last few years the situation has changed.
With the assumption of office of the current Chief Fire Officer, Dr. Brown Gaisie, not only has the service been transformed, the efficiency level of fire officers and men has risen and now reflect in whatever they do.
Unlike in the past where fire outbreaks occurred at a regular pace, the GNFS activities have reduced the phenomenon to the barest minimum.
Thanks to Dr. Gaisie and the officers and men, the service has instituted innovative measures that has tremendously enhanced their work.
For instance, the GNFS has taken proactive steps to train about 1,000 fire volunteers nationwide, to help prevent bushfire in the country.
Additionally, the GNFS has within two years, constructed additional 28 fire stations, while others are under construction.
Besides, under the command of Dr. Brown-Gaisie, the service as part of its expansion policy, has commissioned 20 fire stations in various parts of the country and is expected to construct 10 more by the end of the year.
To ensure that all major public places are secured, task forces have been set up in parts of the country, to ensure that no fires are recorded in any of those places.
Interestingly, the transformational activities of the service has attracted the attention of various local organisation, who have awarded the Chief Fire Officer with medals for his achievements.
Dr. Brown-Gaisie has also received recognition abroad, where he has been decorated with medals for transforming the service into one of the efficient organisations in the country.
It would be difficult to enumerate all the achievements of the GNFS in the last few years, but what we are certain of is that under the present command, the service has made giant strides;
The current transformational agenda of the service can only get better if it continues to receive support from all stakeholders, to provide us with efficient service.
Ayeeko Dr. Brown-Gaisie and your gallant men and women!

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