The George Ayisi Boateng faux pas

By now, Mr George Ayisi Boateng, Ghana’s High Commissioner to South Africa would have realised that he has committed a “faux pas” by his utterance at a ceremony over the weekend.

If he does not, then something is wrong with our politicians.

The Ghanaian envoy was quoted widely by the media of saying that some citizens are more Ghanaian than others and deserve better treatment.

He was also quoted as saying that as a High Commissioner, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) members are his priority and all government officials should do same.

Mr George Ayisi Boateng made these remarks at the welcoming ceremony for fresh members of the Tertiary Students’ Confederacy Network (TESCON) at the Kumasi Technical University.

“A TESCON member is my priority, an NPP member is my priority. We are all Ghanaians but some are more Ghanaian than others”, he was quoted to have said among others.

Indeed, these statements from a senior citizen who is a public official have been roundly condemned by those who find them offensive.

Others have gone further to ask for his dismissal for making such a divisive statement.

As a matter of fact, Mr Ayisi Boateng should not have made such a statement because the duty of a public official is to serve all Ghanaians regardless of their political, religious or ethnic origins.

The High Commissioner has clearly betrayed the oath he took to serve all manner of people and displayed partisanship in the most unfortunate manner.

It is unacceptable anywhere in the world for a public figure to declare publicly that some citizens are more important than others.

Certainly these statements must be rejected by all Ghanaians who believe that all citizens deserve equal treatment.

It is a well known fact that all politicians know that the key to winning elections is to make great promises including the promise to provide every need of the voter.

But once campaign is over and one is elected into office, the campaign talk is over and promises to the people must be fulfilled regardless of party colours.

Mr Ayisi Boateng has committed a blunder that he ought not to have committed and must take immediate steps to reverse.

Ghana is for all and anybody chosen to serve must do so in the interest of everybody.

The High Commissioner has committed a faux pas and politicians who commit such blunders must be made to face the consequences of the actions utterances.

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