The Gays: The spiritual leaders have the solution

Dear Sir

Way back in Ex-President Kufour’s era, the late Madam Asmah paid a official visit to Takoradi, and her tour sent her to one of the hotels where, to her amazement, she found a great number of prostitutes and she was moved to lament over their misbehavior.

The following day on Sky Fm Station in Takoradi the radio presenter raised the issue of the prostitutes and invited comments from public.

Then a serial caller suggested to the late Minister of the State to go back and speak to the prostitutes.

At once I phoned in and told the caller that it was not the duty of the late minister to do that in addition to her busy schedules but it is the divine duty of the churches in Takoradi and Sekondi.

Just recently, I heard from a radio presenter in Accra raising an appeal made by a clergy that Present John Mahama should peak about the issue of homosexuality. Not quite long, another minister of the gospel made the same appeal in a radio interview.

I beg to defer, because this homosexuality is not a political one but a sinful issue which crashes head long with the word of God, the Bible and Quoran. If we refer to God’s institution of division of labour in the Old Testament, we find that the Kings (Presidents) duties borders on general physical well being including leadership, protection and development of the nation.

And the priest’s duty was to be the Spiritual servant between God and men, both great and small.

That was why when King Saul trespassed into the priesthood duties, Prophet Samuel rebuked and accused him of acting foolishly in I Samuel 13:13. President Mahama can make a statement on the issue or the Parliament may discuss and pass their decision into law.

Yet the most powerful and fearful people in every nation on earth are the spiritual leaders, Who are more capable to invite all religious bodies to a conference to pass a strong resolution based on the Bible verse in I Corinthians 6:9 and verses from the Quorah containing their signatures to declare “No homosexuality in Ghana”. To be followed by a nationwide street placarding by all members of all religious bodies to offer their support for the resolution, in order to defend the genuine and appropriate marriage institution enshrined in our 1992 constitution.

Since the voice of the spiritual leaders is the voice of God to mankind, it would shield both our President and the Parliament from any attack from the western world, if ever they would be invited by the press to express their humble submissions.

This action can fire other spiritual leaders in other African nations to follow suite in order to silence the voice of homosexuality trumpeting from the west.

The great solution is evangelism of which the Christian church leaders should follow the examples of Jesus by turning the millions of church members from pew warming and selfishness into discipleship to obey the great commission in Matt 28:19.

We should also note that faith in Jesus and righteousness are the only requirement or qualification or visas for heaven and not other things prosperity Matthew 6: 33.

May God help us in Jesus Nama, Amen.

Apostle Victor I. Insaidoo


N.K Assemblies of God

  1. O. Box 1060, Accra
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