The age-long issue of Fulani herdsmen in the Agogo Traditional Area of the Ashanti Region, seems to be rearing its ugly head again.

Reports from our Ashanti Regional Correspondent indicates that these herdsmen whose activities in Agogo and its environs were banned in 2012 by a Kumasi High Court, have resurrected in earnest.

The herdsmen, are reported to be wielding such deadly weapons as AK-47 assault rifles and other implements,   and their cattle are said to have destroyed plantations in the area, thus renewing tension between them and the farmers, resulting in violent clashes and injuries.

It is recalled that in January 2012, the Kumasi High Court ordered the Regional Security Council to evacuate the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle from the Afram Plains and its environs, to bring to an end the perennial troubles with the inhabitants.

The latest reports about their return to the area and the atrocities they are wreaking on the farmers are worrying, and we hope the security agencies would respond appropriately and check the situation.

The Fulani herdsmen should remember, they were banned from the area by a competent court of the land, and consequently, they must move their animals from there.

This country is governed by law, therefore, those who flout the laws must be dealt with before they cause any harm to others.

From all indications, the farmers are quite agitated, following the destruction of their food crops and the persistent assaults on them, and nobody can discount their reprisal attacks on the Fulanis, which disturb the peace and stability of the country.

The chiefs and other traditional authorities who are aiding these dangerous herdsmen, should stop it before their communities are thrown into flames.

It is a fact that the issue of Fulani herdsmen is getting out of hand, and we call on the government to go beyond the measures in place and halt them in their tracks, once and for all.

The prime responsibility of the government is to protect the citizenry from such wanton destruction, as caused by these callous herdsmen.

As we said sometime ago, we do not want a spill-over of the terrible situation to other communities in the country. That is why the security agencies must act swiftly, and we expect them to do just that!.

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