IT IS almost becoming a daily affair for either the Minister of Youth and Sports, Nii Lante Vandepuije to speak against the Ghana Football Association (GFA), and for the association to respond in a similar fashion.

Be it an attack, or comment the GFA through its spokesperson, Saani Dara, would fire straight back.

The back and forth has been ongoing for a while and has now reached absurd levels.

The Times is concerned about the verbal combat that do not bode well for the image of football.

Undoubtedly, what is happening between the minister and the GFA, defeats the essence of association football which is to forster friendship

By a simple definition, association as commonly known as football or soccer is the world’s most popular sports.

In many parts of the world football evokes great passion and emotions of individual people. In some countries, the people “eat and drink football and to some extent worship it. That is how much they love football and revere it!

Ghanaians also love their football and particularly pay close attention to their national teams especially the Black Stars. That is why when the Black Stars are playing for instance, the whole country is united behind it.

Infact, many Ghanaians would come together to support the Black Stars regardless of their religious, political and ethnic differences.

It is against this background that we express our unhappiness about the fracas between the Minister and the GFA. Our concern is that no one of them would come out the winner.

The sad truth is that when the chips are down, football would not escape unscathed. Our football would be bruised so badly one cannot predict the end.

To us, the current standoff is unnecessary and while we appeal to the minister to desist from the confrontation we also ask the GFA and its spokesperson to back off and stop the attacks on the minister.

The attitude of the spokesperson reminds us of the confrontation that ensued between the Black Stars players and GFA officials in Brazil during the World Cup.

The similarity is that the players attacked some GFA officials over differences and that is exactly what the spokesperson is engaged in.

It is unnecessary and unhelpful.

Many Ghanaians have still not forgotten about the Blacks Stars and all the despicable things that took place in Brazil. The current impasse only goes to reminds us all of those things and deepen our resentment for our football.

The fracas must stop in the interest of football.


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