THE Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU), on Monday, began a three-day demonstration across the country in an effort to compel the government to back down on the proposed concession programme for Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The action of the workers disrupted operations of ECG, which affected their customers across the country.

The Times cannot stand in the way of the ECG workers who are exercising the constitution’s right to demonstrate and their demands cannot be swept under the carpet as any decision by the government is going to impact on them.

It is, in this context that we suggest that the workers rather engage the government to dialogue on the issues.

However, we completely disapprove of methods they are using to get their message to the government.

The three-hour demonstration over a three-day period, is not only going to affect ECG, it is also going to affect consumers.

Our worry is that, the government might not be affected directly as the disruptions are directed at consumers only.

The argument the workers have advanced, is worth looking into, but to punish consumers for a government’s intended action is unacceptable.

We support the position that, public utility services must weigh their actions carefully before they take them as they affect the public negatively.

As have been published elsewhere in this newspaper, consumers have also appealed to the workers to rescind the ongoing daily protest.

The customers confirmed that the exercise is affecting them negatively.

We wish that the workers would heed the call of the customers and call off the strike so as not to punish customers unduly.

We also call on the government to meet the workers as soon as practicable to iron out the differences so that the demonstrations do not escalate into something else.

We also wish to appeal to the workers to end the demonstration and go back to their normal working schedule.

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