ALL is set for the take off of the Double Track System and the semester programme for the second batch of beneficiaries of the Free Senior High School (SHS) Policy, following the release by the Ghana Education Service of the placement of the students.

A total of 423,134 qualified candidates have been duly placed in their schools while 67,382, who have also qualified, are yet to be placed in their selected schools. The GES in a statement, assured qualified candidates who could not get their preferred choices to find alternatives in other SHS that have vacancies.

As part of the new system, the first batch has been placed on the Green Track to report to school on September 11, while the other batch labelled Gold Track will report on November 8.

On paper, this appears to be a perfect arrangement for the ever increasing numbers entering the SHS in the country.

Indeed, with the new system, challenges are bound to occur, and in anticipation of such challenges and the need to appropriately address them, the GES has set up solution centres in all regions to help parents to address the challenges they may encounter in the placement of their wards.

Predictable, this is a period that parents and students would be going through a lot of anxiety, especially those who did not get their preferred choices.

The Ghanaian Times urges calm as GES and other stakeholders handle the anticipated complaints. We also call on the authorities to use tack and a sense of urgency to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the parents and their wards.

For parents whose wards did not get their desired choices, we implore them to be calm and cooperate with the GES to find alternative placement for their wards, devoid of acrimony.

We also advise the students who did not get their preferred choices, not to despair but to make the best use of the available alternatives.

The introduction of the new system strategically to contain the huge number of candidates for placement in SHS, as a result of the free SHS policy, has generated a lot of debate because no one knows the end result.  We would appreciate the impact later. This is an entirely new experiment and we dare not get it wrong!

We are at a crossroad of rolling out an important new education system at the SHS level which should be supported by all in the national interest, to work.

For emphasis, we cannot afford to let the system fail; it must work to bring out the best in us. Undoubtedly, challenges would come but if they do, our ability to resolve them and move forward, is what would determine whether we all mean well for the nation.

It is our conviction that, the government has taken all the pros and cons of the debate in good faith and that a mechanism has been instituted to monitor and evaluate the system to reshape the policy for better outcomes.

We urge the teachers and students to do their outmost best out of the current arrangements and make the maximum use of the facilities available to them, to acquire the skills, the knowledge and the right attitudes to become assets for the country.

The tutors and school administrators are key to the success of the programme; we urge them to remain focused and give of their best for the programme to succeed.

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