The doomsdays “prophesies” must give us a break!

The phenomenon of doomsday prophecy by some self-acclaimed prophets and men of God is worrying. Ghana is a religious country and most religions are underpinned by the belief in predestination. God only knows what will happen and how it will happen.

In our daily lives, we offer prayers in various ways seeking the providence and blessings of God. At the national level the reverence for the Supreme Being is held in high esteem to give us a sense of direction and in terms of national activities, like general elections, we ask God, to intercede on our behalf, to guide us to choose the rightful candidates to man our state institutions and steer national affairs.

After election, religious leaders are urged to lead their congregations to give thanks and praises to God, for guiding us in our elections; a highly uncompromising political activity that has torn apart peaceful nations.

Similarly, sports and for that matter football, is the passion and heartbeat of the nation and in every endeavour of the national teams, Ghanaians go on their knees to ask for God’s favour for the national teams and individuals representing the country to triumph. At that point, all partisanship in politics, ethnic and religious activities are put aside.

We are therefore concerned and worried about how self-acclaimed prophets who want to score points in every endeavour of the country,  would want to claim success for predicting the scoreline in football matches and more importantly want to claim success for predicting the results of a national election and even want to be accorded red carpet treatment at inaugurations.

Equally, we are worried about self-acclaimed prophets, indeed the doomsday ones who would suddenly claim to have foreknowledge about the death of prominent people in society. Often, they come out to spew their claims after the event has occurred.  These claims, in our humble opinion smack of arrogance and demonstration of lack of faith in God.

True men of God are in their solitude; nobody knows and hears of them praying for the country and its citizens against calamities at no cost.

The Ghanaian Times is appalled and scandalised about the claims coming out of the death of the pop star Ebony, after the road crash.

We have read and listened to a number of claims and particularly outraged about the one who claims to know the person behind the road crash leading to the tragedy. These claims have been given extensive media prominence.

The insensitivity of these prophets towards the family is most unfortunate.

Indeed these are not the things that the family of Ebony will want to hear, read or listen to at this critical moment. We should respect the sensitivity and sensibility of the family, to mourn with them and to plan a befitting burial for their loved one. We need a break from this doomsday prophesy. Whatever happens is the will of God. We are aware death is very close to us and it will come when it is due.

We urge Ghanaians to continue to be prayerful for the country and to wish ourselves well. It is only through this that we would really demonstrate our true faith in God and continue to enjoy his providence.


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