The day Aflao border was thrown open

The Aflao-Lome border post.The gates of the Aflao-Lome border post were left widely open on Friday, for travellers between Ghana and Togo to cross freely and smoothly, without departure and arrival formalities.

The authorities at both sides of the border came out with the traveller-friendly protocol in support of the Agbogbo festival in Notsie, in Togo, which coincided with the annual pilgrimage of Ewes to their ancestral home at the ancient town.

Consequently, scores of vehicles carrying the pilgrims crossed into Lome from Aflao without any hindrance.

As Togbe Afede, the Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State and his entourage walked from the Ghana side of the border into Togo, the Chief of Afagna in Togo, Togbui Chaold VI, also led other chiefs and some elders to meet them at the border post, igniting the three-day celebration of the festival.

There was a similar immigration protocol at the frontier on Sunday, when the pilgrims from the Volta Region returned home.

Speaking at the durbar, which capped the celebrations in Notse on Saturday, Togbe Afede observed that the highway between Lome and the north of Togo had undergone a vast improvement in a very short time, saying that such an infrastructural feat would definitely facilitate internal and international trade and also boost efforts towards regional integration.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Lome

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