The Cost-Free And Drugs-Free Healthcare Of Elohim For Mankind (2)

Holy-Bible21An indirect announcement to this effect is in the Gospel of St John and states thus: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”(John 3:14-16).

Yeshua, in these words, referred to an occurrence in the wilderness journey of the Israelites, in which they were healed miraculously, after they were virtually subdued by the power of the age-old serpent, which bit and killed many of them. In that encounter with the killing-venom in snake bites, Elohim healed Israel, insofar as His Word on the issue was obeyed.

During that wilderness journey, any Israelite who was bitten by a snake simply had to look at an image of the snake made out of bronze metal and hung on a pole outside the camp, to gain instant healing; and returned to the camp completely freed of the venom of the old serpent (cf. Numbers 21:5-9).

Fantastic, as the potency of this means of healing might seem then, it was only a blessing in its shadow form; the real and ultimate potency and glory of such healthcare plan was yet to be displayed and made available to mankind in the work and sacrifice of Yeshua.

When, therefore, the time for the fulfillment of John 2:14-16 was due and for mankind to be able to access the power and blessing of gaining such a wonder-body—a sickness-free and disease-proofed human body—Yeshua’s own disease-proof body had to be bruised and disfigured by as many as thirty-nine lashes from a cruel multi-stringed Roman-Jewish whip (cf. Isaiah 53:4-5, First Peter 2:24), and then hung on a pole outside the walls of the Holy City, in similar manner that the bronze serpent of the wilderness journey, made-out under the hammer, anvil, and forging-heat of a metalworker, was hung on a pole outside the camp.

And so, today, anybody who is led in and by the Wisdom of Elohim to make a spiritual trip to the countryside outside the walls of Jerusalem of 30 AD, specifically to mount Calvary, to behold the disfigured body of the Son of Elohim, whom wicked men hung on a pole, and then, with faith and understanding in what that horrible spectacle of Yeshua’s body stands for, sorrowing in his heart for his sins being the cause of what happened to the Messiah, that person gains instant healing for his disease-riddled body, which he inherited from the first Adam!

Though it may be difficult, for him to do, this believer can keep this healing forever! Yes he can; insofar as he remains repentant of his sins, and is also constantly humbled by what spectacle he saw of the Savior’s brutalized body that was hung on a pole on mount Calvary.
Of course, the Almighty’s wish is for the repentant sinner to keep this healing, forever; and so He takes him one step further in this regard. The Almighty further instructs this repentant and healed sinner to go through the simple ritual of baptism into the name of Yeshua in natural living water. This baptism is the initiation rite required for entry into the life-giving body of Yeshua.

When, therefore, one is fully immersed, momentarily, in the waters of baptism, the wisdom and power of the Almighty dissolves the vile body of the one, and then reassembles it after whatever contaminants that were in this body arising from the sin of the first Adam, had been dropped in the water; all this, within seconds!

This is the mystery of the baptism in the name of Yeshua; and this mystery brings to mind, what elementary thing any man trying to separate sand from a salt-sand mixture would do—that is, dissolve the salt-sand mix in a container with water to have the insoluble sand settled at the bottom of the container, and then, evaporate to dryness the obtained brine to recover the sand-free salt.

Coming out of the waters of baptism brings to the repentant sinner, the reality of being born of water. We must understand and accept this to be so. Fact is, when one is born of water, one indeed becomes water; just as being born of a human being makes one human; or by a goat, a goat.

In the waters of baptism two other fluids are present, but hardly known to the human mind to be, which are meant to affect the sinner. One is the blood of Yeshua, and, the other, a highly concentrated salt solution. And so, the one baptized into Yeshua now obtains a body saturated with a mix of water, salt, and the blood of Yeshua in his newly recomposed state (cf. Matthew 5:13, Ephesians 5:30, First John 5:6).

At this point, I like us not to forget that the power of salt in salted fish, seals off all possible intrusions into the fish from decay-causing micro organisms and also, stops decomposition from originating within it. This is in much the same way that born again people,—the salt of the earth—must function, so as to stop spiritual and moral decay in the communities they live in, and also, remain in themselves, decay-free.

To seal up this attained blessing—a newly composed body of water, salt, and the blood of Yeshua—this believer must be baked. Baked? Yes, he must be baked; in the fire of the Holy Spirit as The Potter must do to His molded clay pots in order to preserve them.
So then, as the born of water [and of salt, and of the blood of Yeshua] person walks out of the waters of baptism, the Holy Spirit of the Most High One rushes into him to take full possession of his newly created body, in completion of the born of water and of the Spirit process that Yeshua said Nicodemus and all believers in him must go through to enable them be permitted to enter the kingdom of the Most High One (cf. John 3:5).

The baking by the Holy Spirit has the effect of locking up within this newly created body that is referred to in Second Corinthians 5:17, this precious mix of water, salt and Yeshua’s blood. The presence of this precious mix in any human vessel makes it sin-proof, impervious to unwanted micro organisms, and therefore, disease-proof.

In as much as all sicknesses result from the committing of sin, this sin-proof human vessel then, indeed, becomes a bank of inexhaustible and very vibrant life—the very Life of the Creator—that may even be dispensed in faith in the biblical revelation on the “laying of hands” by the human vessel holding it.

The Will of the Creator, is for any man who He adopts as a son into His Family to have His type of Life—the type of life that never reduces in value, purity, and or power, from generation to generation—to rule the physical bodies of all His adopted sons.

Indeed, He has made this available for all serious-minded salvation seekers to possess, as has been taught in this article—according to my faith in the Word of Elohim and my own experience in having gotten hold of the Life of Elohim to dwell in my body.

One reason for the coming of the Holy Spirit of the Most High One to take possession of and residence in the recreated body of the one baptized into Yeshua, is for him (Holy Spirit) to constantly work to ward off any invading disease-causing micro organisms seeking to invade this body and also to ensure that this bank of life in it does not reduce in value, purity, and power or ever get snuffed out.

The Holy Spirit of the Almighty that comes to reside in the body of the one baptized in the name of Yeshua, is the same spiritual power that entered the lifeless body of the Messiah, after his crucifixion to death and burial, and resurrected him to live forever more! In the case of the Messiah’s body at his resurrection, it was brought to life from a lifeless state; however, in the case of the one baptized into Yeshua, his body is not altogether dead, but needs a boost of Devine Life.

And so, the recreated body of the one baptized into Yeshua, who has the Holy Spirit of the Most High One reside in him, must, as a matter of course display the same quality of the Life of the Most High One when one obtains this boost of Divine Life. – Chris Bapuohyele

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