The churches must not fail the nation (2)

Bishop Charles Agyinasare — Head of the Perez ChapelThe laws we make in our homes, our communities, nations (constitutions), institutional laws and international laws. If these laws we make are not related or in line with the Biblical word of God the people suffer. The social sciences laws and theories we make to help us in our communities in sociology, philosophy, political science, psychology, economics, management and administration etc all must reflect or be in line with the word of God.

Any new idea that people come out with for the consumption of society must be tailored to the word of God or in other words the word of God must be the yardstick to measure any new idea that anybody brings before it is accepted to enhance development.

In Africa we only rely on the moral laws while we have neglected the natural and the developmental laws which leadership of every nation is supposed to use to develop fully. Our public Universities are supposed to be research institutions which are to come out with creative ideas and scientific innovations and inventions to help develop our nations but they have not been able to fulfill the development mandate of God because of its secular nature and lack of financial support for major research work.

The leadership of the Church have tried to hold on to the moral law and has propagated the word of God since Christianity came to the then Gold Coast. Thank God all the major Churches have now established Universities. But Christian Universities must not only operate or function like the secular Universities.

The word of God says we should be fruitful and increase in number and rule over all living creatures that moves on the (earth) ground. We are also mandated to go to all the earth and preach the gospel.

If we increase in population we must be able to provided the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the houses we dwell in but what do we see here, we import food, most of the clothing’s we wear are imported and we have a very serious housing deficit in Ghana and Africa in general. How do we go to the whole world to preach the gospel? We don’t

produce bicycles, cars, airplanes and ships so how do we go. Do we always have to fall on other people for these things? That is why in the global trade, Africa’s share is only three percent (3%) and all raw materials because we are preaching and praying without producing but the three Ps must go together. Most of the parables Jesus gave in the gospels were on business and production.

Like Jesus’ parable of the talents, three people were given talents by their master to work with as he was travelling. One man he gave five talents, the second man he gave two, and the third man he gave one. The first two did developmental business with their talents and gained additional five and two respectively while the one given one talent hid his and even accused the master of being hard and a thief. It is as if we in Africa are not using the talents God has given us to invest that is why our continent is the poorest in the world.

I am appealing to the leadership of the Christian Churches who have established Universities to commit funds for serious research in both physical and social sciences and help solve the many serious problems we face currently as a nation. We now face a major challenge in our energy sector which is gradually destroying our businesses and harming our economy but there seems to be no solution.

The Church must not sit down while they govern universities. If the government who always look for solutions from outside has failed us, leadership of the Church must look inside and not fail the nation.

King Solomon said in (Proverbs 25: 2) “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of Kings.” In the 1660s the King of England who was also the Head of the Church of England instituted the Royal Society of London for the promotion of natural knowledge with special awards to anyone who is able to break through with scientific invention and discoveries.

It is out of this that in 1685, Isaac Newton from England came out with his discoveries of the law of gravity and the principia which contains Newton’s famous three laws of motion., In German, the King established the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Albert Einstein also came out with the laws of time, space and gravity, quantum physics, and also developed the special theory of relativity.

In the social sciences, Adam smith from England came out with ‘the Wealth of Nations’ published in 1776 that has helped capitalist countries in managing their economies. Jeremy Bentham developed the doctrine of utilitarianism that led him to advocate for annual elections, equal electoral districts, expanded voting rights and the use of the secret ballot. This is just but a few examples.

About 90 percent of scientific inventions and discoveries in the world were made by Christians through Christian educational institutions of higher learning in Europe and the United States of America. About 92 percent of 182 colleges and Universities in the United States were established by Christian denominations and all of them are research institution for both natural and social sciences.

I want to encourage our Christian leaders with our Universities to fund lecturers and students to research and come out with a backyard mini dam or household hydro electric dam using a small swimming pool to generate electricity for our homes with a bore hole drilled that will supply water continuously or harvest rain for the mini dam.

Special awards must be instituted for the inventor or inventors. I think it’s just a matter of studying how dams are constructed especially, the Akosombo and Bui dams. This can be about 7ft x 7ft at the backyard of a house or a factory that can generate between 2 and 5 megawatt of power (light).

As we preach to our church members to have faith in God we must generate that faith and make it possible because the Bible we use in preaching and teaching tells us that ‘ I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthen me’ (Philippians 4 : 13). Normal Vincent Peale said ‘you can if you think you can’. He also said, ‘if you really want to do it, the how to do it will come for you to do it’.

I am appealing to the leadership of the Presbyterian University College, Methodist University College and the Pentecost University College. Others are (SDA) Valley View University, Catholic University College, (ICGC) Central University College, and other Christian Universities to either come together and pool resources for the great task ahead or go solo.

We have the Christian Council of Ghana and the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC). They can fall on Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) where electrical engineers are trained to assist in the research work.

Members of the churches who are qualified electrical engineers and technicians can all be recruited into the research team to start work immediately and hopefully in the next few years we would create a mini hydro electric dam company in Ghana which will move from house to house, factories and institutions and other countries to construct mini dams.

In future, it can be developed into a small size bathroom, ceramic bath or Jacuzzi jet type. When all this is done, electricity interruptions in the country (‘Dum so’) will be a thing of the past and in fact history and most Ghanaians will Company for water they have their own mechanized boreholes in their homes. We can still do the same with power (light) and have our own ‘Akosombo kania‘ at our own back yard.

By Anthony Kofi Odoom

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