Accra Hearts of Oak is regarded as the oldest club currently in Ghana.

It is, for this reason that it is called the premier club of Ghana football and has got a large follwing.

For sometime now, there have been wranglings in the camp of the club, largely due to the dwindling for tunes.

The club in the last few years, has not performed well in the premier league and last year saw its worse performance in recent memory

There is an intensed blame game going on between the two factions which is getting to absurd heights.

The old guards, led by Alhaji Sulemana Braimah, also known as Alhaji Hearts, a former board member and director of the club, has been reported on numerous occasions attacking the current board and its Chairman, Togbe Afede XIV and blaming him for the clubs dwrindling fortunes.

The current board, at a recent annual general meetingt of the club, explained the difficult circumstances under which it operates which has led to the challenges the club is currently facing.

The Times is not going into the werits or demerits of the argument, but concerned about the unending arguments in the club and condemns the daily bashing of the current board and its chairman.

What is difficult to understand is why a group claiming to be sympathisers of the club will consistently attack the current managers of the club.

Accra Hearts of Oak, just like any club in the world, needs supporters, logistics and resources to operate efficiently, professionally and produce results.

The current bickering in the club, is only serving as a distraction and undermining the collective efforts of the club.

No doubt, Alhaji Hearts and others too numerous to mention have contributed immensely to the club and all supporters revere them for their acheivements.

However, truth be told, present day football administration is not about insults, but the availability of resources and professionals to do the job.

We are unamused that people, still in the 21st century, would be thinking that it is their birth right to insult others who have offered themselves for public service, regardless of the achievements of those individuals in public life.

Football clubs all over the world depend on their supporters and resources to function, and bickering is only a recipe for disaster. Ironically, the team is preparing for the next league season and this is the time for all stakeholders to stick together and prepare very well for the premier league season.

Accran Hearts of Oak is a national sset and needs peace to perform well.

The large following of the club are praying for hostilities to cease so that collectively they can buld the team back to its glorious days.

Accra Hearts of Oak needs peace now!


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