The world over, there is outrage about the despicable terrorists attacks that claimed 129 lives, injured 352, and left 99 in critical condition.

The terrorists launched multiple attacks simultaneously, including suicide bombings at a stadium where the French President was watching a friendly game between France and Germany.

The attack, regarded as the worst terror attack in Europe since the Madrid bombing in 2004, to say the least, is horrendous.

The attackers brutally murdered fans attending a rock concert at Bataclan Hall, in the series of attacks in the French capital, Paris.

Indeed, many around the world are traumatised by the attacks, and as the French President, Hollande puts it, “The Paris terror attacks are a strictly against the values we defend throughout the world, against who we are, a free country that speaks to the whole world”.

These are the thoughts of many around the world, and clearly, the attacks constitute an attack on humanity.

We cannot claim to be free so long as the world is in turmoil and without peace. Whernever there is war and upheaval, humanity is affected.

The Times sympathises with the French government and its people in this difficult moment and calls on the world to rally together to tackle terrorism around the world.

All countries should rally to give the world a befitting response to the threat of terrorism. We must all support efforts to defeat the terrorist groups around the world.

Indeed, the atrocities in Paris should strengthen the world to launch an offensive that would defeat terrorism everywhere around the globe.

Our caution, however, is the Paris attacks should not be looked at in isolation; there are armed conflicts in several parts of Africa, which can also lead the local people to become radicalised.

The large army of unemployed youths roaming the streets of our various cities, can easily be lured to join terrorist groups, thus the earlier these problems are tackled the safer it would be for all nations on earth.

The days ahead will test whether the Paris attacks can bring the world together to fight a common cause and defeat terrorism throughout the world.


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