In the last few days, the media has come under the spotlight and severely criticised. Many Ghanaians have bashed the media and justifiably accused them of allowing their platforms to be used to hurl insults and invectives in the most vicious manner.

Recent happenings, particularly on radio, have led many to conclude that the media needs to rethink the way it is undertaking its work.

It is not surprising to have prominent people expressing concern in one form or the other about the performance of the media.

The Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Edward Doe Adjaho, yesterday joined several high profile Ghanaians, to express concern about the performance of the media in recent times.

In the story carried elsewhere in this paper, the Speaker of Parliament said “I have never been worried about the media as I am today, in the whole of the 25 years of my political career.”

The Times is not surprised that Mr. Doe Adjaho, has added his voice to the tall list of criticisms against the media.

We are not astonished because we would be the first to admit that some media practitioners continue to let down the entire fraternity in the manner they carry out their programmes.

Media practice all over the world is hinged on Code of Ethics and yet some practitioners have decided to throw the ethics to the dogs.

Few days ago, the National Media Commission (NMC) which is mandated by the 1992 Constitution to ensure high journalistic standards, had cause to express concern about media practice.

It warned media organisations to desist from using inflammatory, distasteful and provocative language.

The commission also charged the media to strictly adhere to guidelines for media practice ahead of the November 7, general elections to ensure peace and stability.

We join all peace loving Ghanaians to appeal to the media to also heed to the admonishment from the Speaker of Parliament and all well-meaning Ghanaians, to do what is right.

We must not let it be said that we are the cause of any trouble that would befall this country.

Rather, we must use our pens and our microphones in the manner that would promote peace, unity and stability in our country.

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