Teshie to enstool new Mankralo by end of year

Nii Okang Duamro III (third from left) with family members

Nii Okang Duamro III (third from left) with family members

Ex W.O.1 Henry Nii Sowah Otinkorang, head of the Nii Klu Din We has announced that a new chief of Teshie would hopefully be enstooled by the end of this year.

He made the announcement at the weekend at a reconciliation meeting between two factions over who becomes the next Mankralo of Teshie.

Ex W.O.1 Otinkorang said two persons, Elias Okang  Nmashie and Jonathan Adjetey Adjei were both claiming to be the Makralos but Elias Okang  Nmashie, after  series of reconciliation meetings accepted to step down for Jonathan Adjetey Adjei  to be enstooled under the  stool name Nii  Okang  Duamro Nmashie  III.

The last chief of Teshie,Nii Ashitey Akonfra, passed on in 1985 and since then the town has been without a Mankralo and a chief.

The vacuum created by the absence of a chief led to numerous disputes in the past.

Ex-W.O.1. Otinkorang said as a result of the disturbances the kingmakers of the three gates of Nii Klu Din We, Nii Adjei Okon and Nii Okang Duamro along with principal elders of Nii Nmai confirmed Jonathan Adjetey Adjei, as the Mankralo of Teshie.

He said the kingmakers had in October 10, 2016, signed letters at the registrar of Greater Accra House of Chiefs (GAHC), to confirm Jonathan Adjetey Adjei as the new Mankralo of Teshie.

Nii Adjetey Otinkorang I, the Dzasetse of Nuumo Nmashie family of Krobo, Teshie, performed the cleansing rites on Nii Okang Duamro III, to affirm him as the Mankralo of Teshie and was witnessed by elders and youth of the community.

He recalled that the decision to enstool a Mankralo was affirmed by them before the Regional House of Chiefs (RHC), at Dodowa after a fact-finding committee was set up for arbitration.

Nii Okang Duamro III promised to unite the people of Teshie under one umbrella since peace and unity was critical in utilising the potential of human resource and infrastructural development.


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