TESCON-KNUST Against Publishing Of NPP Accounts

jake  obetsebyThe Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) chapter of the Tertiary Students Confederacy of the New Patriotic Party (TESCON) has described a request by the Patriotic Future of NPP (PFN) for the party’s 2012 audited accounts to be published, as “irresponsible”.

TESCON-KNUST believes the request is motivated by ill intentions towards the entire party, but particularly the current national executives.

Last week, the group, Patriotic Future of NPP, which claims to be associated with the opposition party, said there was the need for a declaration of the party’s bank account details due to some post 2012 general election issues.

According to PFN, the NPP national executives had failed to account for campaign funds allocated for the 2012 elections, adding that polling agents recruited for the elections were yet to receive their allowance.
But in a release TESCON-KNUST president, Christ Arthur, condemned PFN and their allegations of non-payment of the party’s polling agents.

TESCON-KNUST said the group PFN, which it described as a “fake group”, acted in a ”shameful” and “irrational” manner when they brought sensitive party issues to the media.

“They are demanding accountability from persons whom they had already labelled as ‘devilish’ to the public. How on earth can a devil give a true account to the ‘godly?” the TESCON-KNUST statement said.

TESCON-KNUST urged the party executives to scrutinise “so-called pro-party pressure groups” who rather work against the interest of the NPP.

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