Tertiary student allegedly defiles JHS girl, 14

Danddy Agbenorxevi , suspect

Danddy Agbenorxevi , suspect

A first year Industrial Art student at a Ho tertiary institution, Danddy Agbenorxevi is alleged to have defiled and impregnated a 14-year-old JHS student.

In a telephone conversation with the Ghanaian Times, Agbenorxevi, 24, admitted having sex with the girl but said he would not accept responsibility for the pregnancy because it took her “too long” to inform him about it.

Apart from that, he said that the girl was often seen in the company of “other boys”.

According to the girl, sometime in July last year, Agbenorxevi lured her to Tsito, telling her that he wanted to accompany her to visit her aunt who lives there.

On reaching Tsito, however, Agbenorxevi took her to his family house and prevented her from going to see her aunt.

He then had sex with her before allowing her to go back to Ho.

The girl, now 15, is more than eight months pregnant and expecting to give birth in a matter of weeks.

She said told the Ghanaian Times that Agbenorxevi often taunted her by saying, “You are supposed to be in the classroom now but you are pregnant”.

At the instance of the Ghanaian Times, the girl’s mother took her to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) to report the matter.

A DOVVSU spokesman said last week that investigations had begun into the case, adding that Agbenorxevi had been invited to assist in the investigations.


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