Tertiary institutions urged to empower students to be entrepreneurs

Tertiary institutions have been urged to focus more on how to empower students and encourage them to desist from studying with the sole aim of working for someone.

The founder of the Ghana Institute of Business and Entrepreneurship (GIBE), Obed Nikoi Djanie, explained that with the alarming number of graduates leaving school each year, there was the need to empower them to be self-employed.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghanaian Times yesterday, ahead of the official opening of GIBE, Mr Djanie, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Attachment Ghana Limited, a recruitment firm and the CEO’s magazine, explained that entrepreneurs had the freedom to pursue their own vision and also have the control and flexibility over their time.

He urged students and the youth in general to be entrepreneurially minded and stop dreaming only about white collar jobs while in school, adding that the ability to be innovative is also a sign of preparedness for success.

“Do not go to school with the mindset of completing your field of studies and coming out to work for another individual. Most successful businessmen we see in the society today, started from somewhere else, they were not rich from the start, the beginning is always difficult but take a step towards being your own boss today and you will never regret it,” he advised.

Mr Djanie, underscored the need for decision makers and stakeholders in the education sector of the country to consider persons who get ‘D’ and ‘E’ in their examination, as individuals who qualify for admission into universities, instead of discouraging them.

He said GIBE was poised on raising a generation of independent youths to promote development in the country, focusing on building a league of youth who would be game changers in entrepreneurship.

“We train our students in a manner that prepares their mind towards creating something by themselves and managing it well to create wealth. We believe that anything is possible with determination and resilience,” he added.


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