Tension In Ada Over Installation Of Queenmothers

Naana OkoryoTension is mounting at Ada Foah, in the Ada West District over the installation of two queenmothers.

Naana Kabukuor Dagojo Dumaaley I, from the Kabiawe Clan and Naana Oboade Okorye II from the Adibiawe clan are accusing each other of not performing installation rites, which has trickled down to their followers, threatening mayhem.

While the former was selected by the Paramount Chief, Djetse Abram Kaku Akuaku III, the latter was installed by the four Okoh clans, also known as ‘four pure Dangme clans of Ada’, the kingmakers of the area, which was endorsed by the traditional priest.

They are Adibiawe, Lomobiawe, Tekperbiawe and Dangmebiawe.

The situation nearly marred the beauty of the Asafotufiame festival of the chiefs and people of Ada as most of the war captains (Asafoatseguame) boycotted the festival.

The most important function to herald the festival, the swearing of oath by the war captains to renew their allegiance to the paramountcy, was not performed due to the boycott.

According to Asafoatse Kerker Zomabi III, Head of the Lomobiawe Clan, who spoke on behalf of the four Okoh clans, the paramount chief had no authority to select a queenmother for the area and accused the chief of falsifying documents to illegally elevate the divisional queenmother of his Kabiawe clan, Naana Dumaaley to the status of a paramount queen to represent queenmothers at the National House of Chiefs.

He further accused Djetse Akuaku of single handedly attempting to change the customs and traditions of the people of Ada, citing change in the date of the festival which is the first Thursday of the month of August to the last Thursday in July,   refusal to swear the oath of allegiance to the various Asafoatse as custom demands, and refusal to pour libation during the durbar.

Asafoatse Zomabi cautioned that until the paramount chief reversed the position of Naana Dumaaley and ensured that the right things were done, the war captains would in turn not swear the oath of allegiance to him which could result in a chaotic situation in the area.

“This situation, if not addressed, will result in lack of co-operation between the two groups, and stall socio-economic development, thereby affecting the tourism potential of the area,” he said.

Asafoatse Zomabi appealed to the government to intervene and avert any clashes that could result in loss of lives and property as both parties are ready to go an extra mile to ensure that justice is done.

When contacted, Djetse Akuaku confirmed that Naana Dumaaley is currently the queenmother of the Ada Traditional Area, gazetted by the National House of Chiefs and selected by the paramount chief for the designation which is new in the traditional area and had no traditional basis.

He explained that the ten clans elected their divisional queenmother and after that the paramount chief chose her to represent them at the National House of Chiefs.

Djetse Akuaku insisted that “The decision is not misplaced but I admit that Naana Dumaaley hails from the Kabiawe clan and that the position for a divisional queenmother for the Kabiawe clan has been vacant for about five years”.

He said it was untrue that he had to swear an oath of allegiance to the war captains who were his subordinates as alleged, and cautioned them to desist from misleading the public, adding that the right channels of communication should be used to address issues, and the need to respect authority.

Djetse Akuaku refuted allegations of falsifying documents to have Naana Dumaaley gazetted and also that some customs and traditions were being changed, and also stated that it was not all the Okoh Clans who are unhappy about the developments.

The paramount chief, however, said, he would continue to extend a hand of friendship to all groups or individuals, unhappy about the developments to find a lasting solution to the concerns raised.

From Dzifa Emma Tetteh, Ada Foah

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