Teaching techniques based on empirical research advocated

Prof. Paul koku

Prof. Paul koku

Professor Paul Koku a visiting lecturer at the Marketing Department of Florida Atlantic University, USA, has advocated teaching techniques that are based on empirical research.

He said the role of the university is to produce critical thinkers that would, independently be able to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Prof. Koku made these suggestions on Thursday, when he delivered a public lecture to commemorate the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Regent University College of Science and Technology in Accra.

He spoke on the topic: ‘Business school research and needs of the industry: A two-way street or a road to nowhere.’

Prof. Koku stated that, if research was conducted to address the needs of the industry, “then we have a two-way street but if it was conducted simply to get tenure and promotion, then we have a road to nowhere’.

Prof. Koku asked university teachers to be on top of issues to become relevant to society, because the output of their students was a reflection of the knowledge they acquired at the university.

“We must make the public aware of the good things that we are doing by our research, and should not relegate research publications only to the libraries,” he admonished.

He said there was the need for university teachers to publish their research for the benefit of students, academia and industry.

The president of Regent University of Science and Technology, Professor N.N.N. Swowah-Nuamah who chaired the function, said the over-reliance on “buying and selling,” is inhibiting the growth of businesses.

He said market research is so important that, without it, businesses would collapse.

He lamented that only few businesses were engaged in research in the country.

He said over-reliance of grammar based education was the reason Ghana had not produced enough graduates with the required skills needed by industry.


He suggested the introduction of more technical programme at senior high schools and the universities.

Prof. Paul Koku, holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree from the University of Miami School of Law, a PhD. (Finance and Marketing).

He also holds a Master of Business Administration in Finance and an MA (Applied Economics), all from Rutgers University.

By Francis Xah    

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