Tamale Entrepreneurs Exposed To Conformity Assessment Process

Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) has launched in Tamale the G-CAP programme, which is a conformity assessment process used to verify that imported products meet the requirements of the technical regulations and standards.

Mr. Kofi Nagetey, Deputy Executive Director of GSA said at the ceremony that the programme would safe-guard local producers and industry from unfair competition, reduce the risk of the country becoming the dumping ground for counterfeit and sub-standards products, and also facilitate the customs clearance process.

He said the programme is being implemented in many countries including Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Algeria, Egypt, Syria and Russia.

He said the product assessment would also ensure that products being exported from Ghana meet the standards of their destination.

Mr. Nagetey, said the G-CAP would be implemented by  authorised third party independent agencies on an ‘Exporter-Pays Concept’, which would consist of physical inspection, laboratory testing, documentary review and factory audits.

He said all products subjected to the G-CAP programme exported to Ghana from 1st October, shall be accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity.

Mr. Nagetey said the GSA would commence a nationwide sensitisation programme for exporters, importers and other stakeholders on the process and other components of the initiative.

Alhaji Alhassan Ishahaku, Northern Regional Co-ordinating Director, who chaired the function, commended the GSA for the initiative, and advised the business community to adhere to quality standards by importing or exporting quality products as a means of ensuring that counterfeit goods are avoided.



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