Tamale Airport expansion to spur economic activities

Salifu Sa-eed, Northern Regional Minister

Salifu Sa-eed, Northern Regional Minister

The expansion of the Tamale Airport into an international level would serve as a catalyst to improve the economic fortunes of the region, Salifu-Sa-eed, Minister-designate for Northern Region has said.

He said as a minister, his administration would ensure that the project which was started by the previous government was completed to serve its intended purpose.

Mr. Sa-eed said this at his vetting session by the Appointment Committee of Parliament yesterday for his ministerial position.

He said it was envisaged that when the cargo handling section of the airport was completed, it would serve as a platform to lift agricultural products, especially vegetables, to other parts of the world.

He said the airport also has the potential of serving landlocked countries around Ghana by facilitating their travels and cargo handlings.

Mr. Sa-eed assured members that he would do his best to mitigate the numerous chieftaincy and ethnic conflicts through stakeholders dialogue and education.

He said the security agencies would also be engaged to ensure that peace was sustained at all times to create economic opportunities in the region.

Mr. Sa-eed said the perennial spillage of Bagre Dam water from Burkina Faso which had always caused disaster in the three northern regions could be turned into an economic opportunity if well managed.

He said the spillage could be trapped and channelled through canals into dams to be used during the dry season for farming purposes to boost agricultural produce in the region.

Mr. Sa-eed said if such a project needs the assistance of other countries which had implemented similar dams his administration would not hesitate to consult and partner them to realise its implementation.

He said with regards to dividing the region to facilitate smooth administration, the government would ensure that traditional and administrative conveniences were created through consultations while providing leadership to coordinate and enhance the process.

By Lawrence Markwei

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