“An army” they say, “marches on its stomach!” This means that a national army must be well-equipped to enable it to perform its core mandate of defending a country.

It is in line with this that Ghana has over the years, invested in its armed forces to build it up to a standard which is the envy of many nations.

The professionalism of the country’s forces attracted the United Nations, which has continuously invited them for peace-keeping duties across the world.

The Ghana Armed Forces, made up of the Army, Navy and the Air Force, has received many accolades wherever its personnel has undertaken peace-keeping operations.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Ghana’s armed forces is one of the best trained, and with core professionals on the African continent.

However, recent disclosures by the Defence Minister, Dr. Benjamin Kumbour, of the deplorable facilities at military establishments across the country, give cause for concern.

Speaking on a visit to the 3rd Garrison Barracks at Sunyani last week, Dr Kumbour said action on the facilities had delayed due to budgetary constraints, and assured that funds would soon be released for their rehabilitation.

A major challenge at the Garrison is the breakdown of the sewage plant, which is making life unbearable for the soldiers.

Recently also, a serving military officer and his family were burnt to death in a wooden structure serving as their home. This clearly brought to the fore, the challenges facing the military.

The Times is concerned that the military authorities have not been resourced enough to undertake routine maintenance on their facilities.

Although we acknowledge there is general economic hardship in the country and every sector is feeling its debilitating effects, the Times believes the challenges facing the security services deserve some attention.

It is, therefore, our wish that the government would, as a matter of urgency, release funds for the rehabilitation of the military facilities to befit their status as a world-acclaimed military.

The best investment the nation can make in the military is to ensure the best for our gallant men and women, in whose hands our safety lies.

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