Taekwondo demonstrations staged in Kumasi

STAFF and pupils of the Siloam Mission Academy (SMA) were last week given a unique opportunity to witness top class taekwondo performances from renowned Korea-based taekwondo demonstration group, Taekwondo in Action (TIA).

The nearly two-hour long event was organised by the Kumasi Taekwondo Club (KTC) and hosted by the SMA.

Practitioners of the art gave several eye-catching displays to the admiration of the audience which also included invited guests and parents of some participating kids.

The two groups showcased a range of taekwondo’s most spectacular, punches, blocks, stances and kicks.

Led by Seok Yeong Yoon, a grandmaster, the TIA, held the crowd spellbound when it used the art to stage a play of Jesus Christ’s betrayal and crucifixion.

Before then, members of the TIA had used their fists and feet to break a number of wooden boards on which were written societal ills like ‘lie’, ‘sin’, ‘satan’, and ‘steal’, in symbolism of kicking them out of the society.

Principal of the SMA, Kyong Ho Kim, also a grandmaster, certified international taekwondo referee and former world taekwondo champion, told the Times Sports after the event, that the demonstration was to help re-ignite people’s interest in the art in the country.

“Taekwondo is not just a sport, but an art that inculcates in people, discipline and honesty”, he said. “It promotes fitness and self fulfilment to those that practice it. The KTC is doing its best to promote interest in the art and we will do our best to always assist in that endeavour.”

Guest of honour, Mr. Kwesi Ahiakpor, Commander of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Kumasi sector, was so amused by the performances and so commended the organisers for the eye opener.

“Growing up, I only knew taekwondo to be an art synonymous with shouts, kicks and punches but it is fascinating what I have seen today; that we can infuse taekwondo with religion and use it to tell a story. I thank the Koreans for the performances and will urge the young ones practising the art to take the lessons and training seriously.”

From Kingsely E. Hope & Gideon Botwe, Kumasi

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