OF all our societal ills, a major one which has attracted little or no attention at all, is the issue of female students offering sex to tutors to obtain marks in the country’s second cycle and tertiary institutions.

The practice which is on the increase and a worry in many educational institutions, in most cases involves lecturers demanding sex from the female students in exchange for academic favours.

In some instances, however, the female students on their own accord, offer themselves to the lecturers, in their desire to obtain good grades upon realising they have not met their academic obligations.

To a very large extent, the practice remains an open secret on the campuses, and known to both students and lecturers, and very little or nothing at all is done to stop it.

Apparently exasperated by the situation, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Professor Esi Awuah, last Friday cautioned female students against the practice.

“Don’t let any man take you to bed; be determined and focused and you would attain higher heights in your education without necessarily seeking favours from anyone,” she advised.

It is puzzling that despite its prevalence, educational authorities have pretended to be unaware, thus overtly and tacitly emboldening predatory lecturers to hold desperate female students to ransom.

The Times condemns the practice, and calls on the authorities to take the necessary steps to stem it in all second cycle and tertiary institutions in the country.

Furthermore, policies on sexual harassment should be enforced, and everything done to prevent victimisation of students.

Avenues should be created for students to report the misconduct of lecturers, and appropriate action taken.

More importantly, we call on the government to improve the academic environment for female students, to enable them to overcome the barriers which impact their academic progress.

This way, the issue of sex for marks on the campuses could, to a very large extent, be curtailed.

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