‘Sustain nation’s democratic credentials’

Mr Asigri

Mr Asigri

The National Youth Authority (NYA), has advised the youth to continue to uphold the positive values of solidarity, peaceful coexistence, friendship, cooperation and patriotism which remain firm pillars of Pan-Africanism.
It asked them to acknowledge and shed light on the important contributions they make to their communities and aspire for leadership roles in their respective countries.

Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Emmanuel Sin-nyet Asigri made the call as part of activities to launch this year’s Africa Youth Day which is observed on November 1 each year to shed light on the important contributions made by young Africans to the development of their local communities.

The sub-theme for this year’s celebration is ‘The Youth and the Fight against Corruption’ a local rendition of the continental theme ‘Raising Youth Voices against Corruption in Africa’.

In a statement to herald the day, Mr Asigri on behalf of the Authority expressed his deepest appreciation to the youth for their efforts at forging unity that had sustained the country’s stable political environment.

It said the resultant growth in democratic principles had earned the country its enviable democratic credentials, on the basis of such efforts to reach out and engage the youth thereby affording governments the needed platform to continue on its path at providing opportunities for them.

The statement said that should arm them to handle the challenges of increasingly globalised society, nonetheless expressed regret at some instances in recent times when a section of irate youth from some communities went on rampage.

It said they caused mayhem and destroyed public and private property in the process, all in a bid to seek redress for their grievances and cautioned the youth to exercise restraint in the event of extreme provocation.

“Such excesses merely go to thwart the good and noble efforts of government at working to mitigate persistent developmental challenges confronting communities and the nation at large,” it said.

Whilst admonishing the youth to remain calm, assist and cooperate with law enforcement agencies in investigations, the statement assured the Authority would do within its mandate to support them to become worthy citizens and ambassadors of positive social change in their respective communities.

It urged the youth not to be indifferent but to assume frontline role in supporting the government realise its vision to combat corruption in all forms and the Authority had taken note of recent report by Metogu Anti-Corruption Survey. –peacefmonline.com

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