Suspected Arsonist Lynched At Toaso

A middle-aged man was yesterday lynched by a mob for setting fire to a cocoa farm at Toaso, near Jacobu in the Amansie Central District of Ashanti.

The deceased, Kwabena Poku, was said to have been subjected to severe beatings by almost 50 inhabitants who were organised by the owner of the cocoa farm,Opanin Kwasi Fofie.

Opanin Fofie has been arrested by the police at Jacobu, according to a police source.

Eye-witnesses told The Ghanaian Times that the deceased was contracted by a woman to burn a portion of her farm for her.

In the process, the ravaging fire gutted the cocoa farm of Opanin Fofie.

According to the eye-witnesses, Opanin Fofie became peeved, thinking the deceased deliberately set fire to his cocoa farm and thus, organised the people to arrest and subjected him to beatings until he became unconscious.

Poku was rushed to the Agroyesum hospital where he was pronounced dead. From Kingsley E. Hope, Kumasi       

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