FOUR security agencies announced their readiness to deal ruthlessly with individuals and groups, who adopt dubious means to get people enlisted into the security services.

Personnel of the four agencies, who spoke to the Times separately, were unanimous in their view that scammers are taking undue advantage of the recruitment processes, and engaging in various criminal activities.

Recruitment into the Ghana Police Service (GPS), The Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) and the Immigration Service, has become a do-and-die affair for many young job seekers, to the extent that they are ready to go to any length to get recruited.

This has led many of them to fall prey to these criminals.

We have had occasions to point out that we should not blame only the scammers; we must also blame ourselves, because we refuse to go through the right channels to get recruited into the security services.

We have on numerous occasions pointed out, that the tricksters would not prowl around us, if we do not give in to their machination of recruiting through the back door.

There is a crippling phenomenon of some members of the society erroneously thinking that money can do everything, and as such, try to buy their way through everything and everywhere, including the security services.

The recent recruitment scandal which hit the Ghana Police Service, should be a clear warning to everybody that money cannot be used to do the wrong thing all the time and get away with it.

The security services, have time without number, embarked on public education to inform the citizenry about the right channels of recruitment, but it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, leading to many people losing lots of money to scammers.

We are glad that the four security agencies have come out openly and pledged to deal ruthlessly with the scammers, this time round.

We are not by this, saying there would be no attempt any longer by the fraudsters to hoodwink people, but it is necessary that people become vigilant and avoid falling victim to them.

We are also happy the four institutions have devised new ways of recruiting people, and it behoves all to be conversant with the new conditions of recruitment, so as to save our desperate compatriots bent on joining the security services from the scammers and criminals..

Otherwise, we would continue being a country of scams, and the criminals would always take advantage of the desperate ones who are simply seeking the opportunity to join the security services.

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