The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is spearheading an initiative dubbed, “Home Fire Safety Campaign,” which is to help households to meet the required fire safety standards.

The national initiative which is being undertaken in collaboration with other institutions, would also seek to prevent domestic fires by undertaking fire audit and enhancing safety measures in households.

This is yet another innovative and proactive programme launched by the Ghana National Fire Service.

And as was rightly put by the Second Lady Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur, who launched the initiative, the devastation caused by preventable fire outbreaks often destabilise families, especially women, children and the aged in the home.

“When fires occur, they leave in their wake poverty to families, and therefore, measures must be instituted to ensure that preventable home fires are nibbed in the bud,” she said.

Indeed the Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown Gaisie, put it succinctly when he noted that negligence, carelessness and ignorance have been the major causes of domestic fires, saying the campaign would help to address those challenges.

Indeed, the Chief Fire Officer and his able men ought to be commended for the numerous proactive initiatives they have introduced to improve fire safety in the country.

Apart from ensuring the visibility and availability of equipment,and the more fire stations across that country which has led to a significant reduction of fire outbreaks in the country, the GNFS has undertaken to move away from its reactive posture to preventive posture.

This we are sure might have informed the decision to launch the Home Fire Safety Campaign to educate residents on fire prevention.

The Times is hopeful that this initiative would go a long way to help in preventing domestic fires which accounted for 41.02 per cent of all fire outbreaks in the country between 20011 and 2015.

This figure which was recorded between 2011 to 2015 is huge and likely to impact negatively on the economy of the country.

It is, therefore, laudable for the Fire Service to launch on initiative to tackle domestic fires through pragmatic means.

To ensure its success, the campaign, which is to be piloted in the Greater Accra Region after which is would be rolled out in the remaining regions, must be embraced by all households in the country.

We must accord the volunteers who would be visiting the various homes the necessary support to carry out their duties.

Home fire safety is very important and efforts to ensure that all households are safe must be the priority concern of all of us.

Once again, kudos to the Ghana National Fire Service and all its partners in rolling out the campaign.

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