Subah makes giant strikes

Ghana’s quest to see its indigenous company’s compete in the global market has received a boost as Subah Infosolutions Ghana has expanded its operations into the International Telecom space by winning the International Gateway Monitoring Contract in Guinea in 2015 and followed with another contract in Sierra Leone in 2016.

The company which has made giant strides recently in the Telecom Tax Revenue Assurance and Simbox Fraud detection in went through a competitive bidding process that involved twelve international companies and emerged successful in both bids.

Currently, the company has been short listed in the bidding process in Mozambique for the provision of same services.

A statement issued by the company in Accra yesterday said in Guinea, Subah had successfully completed installation and commissioned sophisticated modern equipment for monitoring of the country’s International Gateway Systems.

According to Mr.Senesie Kallon, Director General National Telecommunications Commission (NATCOM) of Sierra Leone “… we have been losing so much from hackers and the mobile operators who have been complaining, but all will be laid to rest, now that the gateway is controlled by a reputable company.”

In this connection Sierra Leone will see real time reporting of revenue collected which will facilitate effective decision making,reduction of manual reporting and monitoring of collection thus promoting transparency and easy identification of irregular payment behaviors.

The statement said “the deployment of the superior home-grown technology of Subah Infosolutions in ensuring that governments and other state agencies rake in what is due them is what drives the company’s technologically aspirations in the implementation of the  Revenue Assurance and Tax Monitoring System (RATMS).

“This system with an in-built rigorous capacity enables the processing of million in real time for the determination of revenue and taxes. An essential component of RATMS is its distributed and scalable multi-threaded architecture configuration that supports multi-vendor and technology networks,” the statement said.

Subah has a home-grown technology capable of monitoring both local and international telephone calls that terminate in Ghana and thereby accurately determine the total value and revenue in the delivery of such superlative services to telecom regulators and tax authorities.

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