Students must be equipped with ‘soft skills’ to perform better – Canadian scientist

Ghanaian students will perform better academically if they are provided with the ‘soft skills’ required in education, Dr  Hiteshini Jugessur a Canadian scientist, social activist and yoga and meditation teacher has said.

According to Dr Jugessur who is currently in the country for a three-week visit, the Ghanaian education system lacks the needed soft skills to allow students to perform to their optimum.

The soft skills she explained are the techniques that would decrease stress and improve upon the confidence and coping skills of students to become better at what they do.

“When stress is not there, there would be more focus, decision making would improve and they would perform in academic work as well as other areas of life,” she stated in an interview with the Ghanaian Times.

She added that, students are only provided with other skills in academia but they lack the needed soft skills to become better.

While in the country, Dr. Jugessur who is also the Director at the Art of Living Foundation, an international humanitarian and educational organisation, would engage students and decision makers on techniques to manage stress and be focused on the performance of their daily activities.

The techniques she said includes how to be confident, happier and be more purposeful with the conviction that is required.

“It is important to make students aware of the need to be focused and optimal in whatever they do which requires that their minds must be in the present moment. That has not been taught in schools and the working environment but the foundation takes the challenge to teach those techniques to handle the mind to control their activities rather than making decisions with agitated minds,” she stressed.

She said, there was a connection between the way people breath and their emotions and changing how people breathe, can help ease their minds to be happier and achieve their goals.

The technique she said was part of the yoga exercise but uses the breath to calm the mind and provide the joy and peace every person is looking for.

She provided some talks to students at the Blue Crest University College on how to handle their minds and emotions to achieve academic excellence.

Ultimately she said, harmony could be achieved when the issue of stress was addressed as forms of divisions in societies across the world could be related to stress.

By Michael D. Abayateye


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