ILLEGAL fishing is defined as all fishing that breaks fisheries laws or occurs outside the reach of fisheries laws and regulations.

It also includes fishing without license, fishing in closed areas, fishing with prohibited gear, fishing over a quota or fishing of prohibited species.

All over the world, countries have enacted fishing rules for good reasons and breaking them affect more fishes that are caught.

In fact, illegal fishing poses a direct threat to food security and socio-economic stability in many parts of the world.

It is against this backdrop that, Ghana also enacted laws to regulate fishing in the country.

However, it appears many fishermen have decided to flout the laws with impunity.  Their illegal activities have compelled the government through the fisheries ministry to police the sea and other water bodies from illegal fishing.

But all these efforts appear not to be working, thus forcing some members to adopt unorthodox means of stopping the illegal methods of fishing.

The Edina Traditional Council in the Komanda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) municipality of the Central Region, fed-up with recalcitrant fishermen, decided to invoke curses on them.

The council decided to side step the law and appealed to the 77gods of the land to deal with the fishermen who use chemicals such as dynamite, carbide and other dangerous substances in fishing.

According to the council, they took the decision to protect consumers and support the initiative to rebuild targeted marine fisheries stocks.

The Times is concerned about the worrying phenomenon of illegal fishing especially the use of chemicals which posed danger to consumers.

It is worrying because the fishermen indulge in the diabolical fishing due largely to greed and in total disregard to the risk posed to the life of consumers.

Although we do not support the method adopted by the Edina Tradition Council because it is not lawful, we do appreciate their concern about illegal fishing in the area.

We share in their frustration and urge the Fisheries Ministry and all stakeholders to step up efforts at ensuring that the fishermen adhered to the rules and regulations before the situation gets out of hand.



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