IT is now becoming an embarrassment to the Ghana Police Service for the brazen manner in which suspected criminals are escaping from police cells in the country.

In the last few months, suspected criminals have escaped from lawful custody at the Denu Police Station in the Volta Region, and Tepa in the Ashanti Region.

These escapes are not only embarrassing, but also a further dent on the image of the Ghana Police Service.

The Times just like many concerned Ghanaians, has been saddened by occurrences that drag the image of the police in the mud.

We are disturbed because, there are genuine and hard working officers of the service who are breaking their backs for the good of the service.

Unfortunately, however, there are others whose unprofessional conduct tend to drag the name of the respectable institution in the mud.

It is a known fact that the Police Service was recently engulfed in one of the biggest recruitment scandals in the country, which it is yet to recover from, with some personnel facing legal action.

The least one could expect is a string of jailbreaks that further exposes the weaknesses in the Ghana Police Service.

Fact is, the recent misadventure of the criminals who escaped from lawful custody, are not out of an elaborate and sophisticated plan that took the police off guard.

The escapes were as a result of gaps left by indifferent police officers, who lacked the supervision and commitment for their profession.

Otherwise can anybody explain to us how for example a stranger could have access to the cell key, and opened up the cells for the criminals to escape without notice, as in the case of the Denu Police Station?

We are highly disappointed by the recent development within the service, and wish to urge the police hierarchy, to take remedial measures that would enable the once honorable institution to redeem its image in the eyes of the public.

The indiscipline and criminal negligence of duty being exhibited by some officers of the service can no longer be tolerated.

We recall the good old days when we had a police force that was highly professional and respected for what they did. Is the situation the same today?

We are of the opinion that, there is the need to save the police service from sinking further.

We trust that the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Alhassan and his able-lieutenants, would rise to the occasion once again.

The few bad nuts in the service who are bent on denting the image of the service, must be weeded out to restore the image of the police.

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