THE Speaker of Parliament, Edward Doe Adjaho, spoke the mind of all peace loving Ghanaians when he cautioned members of the legislature to desist from attacking constitutional bodies as they return to their constituencies to campaign ahead of the 2016 general elections.

“Attacks on state institutions lead citizens to lose confidence in the country’s governance structures, thereby, creating instability and undermining the democratic credentials of the country,” the Speaker was quoted as saying as he adjourned the sittings of Parliament sine die last Friday.

Mr Adjaho, who was speaking against the background of recent attacks on the Judiciary, Electoral Commission (EC) and other state institutions, asked the members to use due process for redress if they had grievances against any state institution.

It is a worrying trend in the country where socio-political commentators as well as prominent politicians, attack state institutions without restraint.

As a matter of fact, members of society who must know better are the ones who deliberately attack constitutional bodies and its member without recourse to the consequences of their attacks.

Ironically, all Ghanaians are unanimous in their view that the country must build strong institutions to support the development of the country.

Yet, some Ghanaians have made it their duty to consistently attack the State institutions and its members.

The Times condemns all those who are engaged in such unfortunate acts, and supports the admonition of the Speaker to all Ghanaians to desist from attacking constitutional bodies.

In few months, Ghana would be going to the polls and it is absolutely necessary for all institutions that are mandated to conduct the elections to be allowed to do their work.

It is untenable for any individual or group of people to stampede any constitutional body to do their wish.

Let us all stop the attacks, respect them and give them space to do their work.

After all, they are Ghanaians like anyone of us and they have vested interest in whatever they have been mandated to do.

We must support rather than attack them and weaken their resolve to perform their duties. If that happens, we are all doomed.




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