Stop this practice now!

SONY DSCIt is said that the value of life cannot be compared to that of any commodity in the world and by all means possible, human being will certainly move heaven and earth to protect such a priceless possession.

But the lenses of this photojournalist has proved how little some people value their lives.

Here two young men were captured by our cameraman sleeping “peacefully” but dangerously on goods loaded on a truck with registration number GN 47 54 Z on the Accra-Tema Motorway.

The intriguing aspect of the issue is why the driver should allow his boys or mates to sit on top of the loaded goods instead of sitting on the seat beside him.

By the way, where were the security personnel at the toll booth when the truck passed the check point?

Are we going to sit and watch while precious lives are lost because of one person’s negligence?.

It is about time our security agencies and those mandated to enforce the laws of the land sit up.

By Victor Buxton

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