Stop this indiscipline at Kwame Nkrumah Circle

Trotro cars loading at the outter lane of the interchange.Photo Seth Adu AgyeiActivities at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange are taking away the beauty of the edifice after its inauguration last year.

Traders have taken over the pavements where they display their wares, while hawking also goes on depriving pedestrians of free movement to their destinations.

Some ‘trotro’ and long distance drivers are using the outer lanes of the interchange to load and transport passengers to various destinations in and outside the city.

Though the newly built ‘trotro’ and the Neoplan lorry stations are available, recalcitrant drivers have refused to use the facilities, and have instead chosen to park and load passengers on the outer lanes.

Some of the drivers who ply Accra-Nkawkaw at the Neoplan lorry station were seen briskly loading passengers under the interchange near the Neoplan lorry station, causing obstruction to other motorists and pedestrians using the pavements. Taxi drivers have also created their own loading points under the interchange on both sides.

As these stations are being created within the edifice creating inconveniences to other road users, something urgent should be done to curtail the menace before it gets out of hand.

If this edifice would continue to be the centre of attraction, then these unauthorised creations of ‘trotro’ stations and hawking along the interchange should be stopped by those empowered to maintain discipline in the area.

By Seth Adu Agyei.

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