The media this week, had the unpleasant duty of covering the spinning tale of rape staged by a radio presenter popularly known as Miss Adda, whose real name has now been revealed as Naana Appiah Antwi.

The police has confirmed that Naana reportedly spun the concocted tale of abduction and rape, as a way of getting back at her boyfriend she suspects was about to jilt her.

The emerging information from police investigations indicate that, the entire tale was staged by Naana and her male friends.

The story went viral, when her nude pictures and images and that of her male counterparts in a compromising position, were posted on social media platforms, sending the media into a frenzy.

Understandably, there was an immediate public outrage at the act itself, and the subsequent posting of the images on the social media platforms.

The widespread condemnation clearly showed the public’s abhorrence to the despicable act of rape, and the emphatic rejection of sexual violence in Ghana.

However, as details have began to unfold leading to the unmasking of Naana as a fraudster, the question to ask is why did the lady and her friends decide to perpetrate this fraud on the entire country?.

The response and the outrage exhibited by the public clearly is an indication that, the country would have unleashed its full force on the perpetrators of the heinous crime, but things have turned out differently.

The Times is scandalised that we have been fooled into following an extravagant tale, that turned out to be a complete hoax.

This is not the first time such an incident is happening and it would not be the last, as we have reported elsewhere in this paper, but our concern is that this singular act is likely to deflate the efforts that have been made in the past against rape.

It is regrettable that a spinning tale of rape was the only way that Naana wanted touse to get back at her boyfriend, which has put her in a total mess. She has, pathetically, ended up denting her image forever.

This should be a big lesson to all those females, especially, the copycats who may be thinking about such a similar misadventure, to think twice.

How does Naana expect to restore her dented image?

We have no idea, but we are sure she is now wiser, and she or no one must ever take the country through this experience again.

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