Stop installing unqualified persons as chiefs

xxxKingmakers have been asked to stop using dubious processes in installing unqualified people as chiefs.

According to the Registrar of the Greater Accra House of Chiefs, Mr. Harry Anthony Attipoe, the House continued to spend time and resources in addressing disputes before it.

Mr Harry Anthony Attipoe (inset), Registrar Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs addressing the chiefs.  Photo, Michael AyehHe, therefore, pleaded with those entrusted with the   power and influence to chose candidates for enstolment, to ensure that the right people were chosen as chiefs.

Mr. Attipoe said this yesterday, at a day’s workshop at the Ga Traditional Council, organised by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

The workshop which brought together traditional authorities in the capital,was to educate participants on the processes involved to enstool and destool a chief.

It was also to educate them on how to channel their grievances to the House for redress.

Mr. Attipoe pointed out that although there were several issues members of the House should deliberate, the House continued to invest most of its resources in addressing chieftaincy problems which did not augur well for national development.

He said traditional authorities should respect their customs and traditions and follow the right channel to install their chiefs to ensure peace and security in their respective communities and the nation.

Mr. Attipoe urged security agencies to also do thorough investigation when issues of chieftaincy are brought before them.

He explained that most often security personnel did not hastate and arrest chiefs when people report against them, creating more problems.

“When chieftaincy problems arise, people rush quickly to the police to make a report and the police quickly go to arrest chiefs, but at the end of the day after thorough investigation they release those arrested which tarnish the image of the chiefs.

He appealed to the security agencies to do thorough underground investigations before going out to arrest chiefs when reports are made against them.

By Bernard Benghan   

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