Stay calm, disciplined – Amefu tells taekwondo practitioners

Norbert Amefu

Norbert Amefu

Vice President of the World Children Taekwondo Union, Mr. Norbert Amefu has called on taekwondo practitioners in the country to remain patient as officials work around the clock to find lasting solution to issues that has landed chieftain of the sport in court.
According to Mr. Amefu who spoke to the Times Sports, said the situation of taekwondo was a big problem but was hopeful the case would soon be determined to start putting their acts together.
Mr. Amefu in 2017 sought an injunction on the election of new executives for the national body and challenged some of the procedures at the Greater Accra regional level.
As a result, election was not held last year, though the tenure of the current executive headed by Frederick Lartey Otu had expired.
That, he explained, leaves the Ghana Taekwondo Federation without a recognized executive.
He said, the issues would not have gotten to its current stage if managers of the sport had handled issues well from the beginning.
“It is our hope that the issues would be solved so safeguard the future of the sport,” he stated.
Mr. Amefu expressed concerned about the future of the sport regarding the indiscipline creeping into the sport by leaders and practitioners.
Taekwondo in the country, he said, has lost its integrity and the will suffer further drop if the current trend remains.
“Taekwondo in the past was a much disciplined sport but now we have lost the integrity of the sport; that is very sad, “he stated.
As one of the highest ranked practitioners in the country, Amefu claims he does not enjoy that recognition as demanded by the sport.
He explained that, the highest rank in Taekwondo is the 10TH Dan grade which is currently held by a man in his 70s.
“I am the highest ranked in Ghana with a 6th Dan alongside Adotey Quarshie and a couple of others who are no more practicing.”
“That puts me ahead of everyone in terms of rank and knowledge of the sport.”
“Belts define Taekwondo, so even if someone is a colonel, he would be only recognized by his belt in the sport. But in Ghana, things have changed and people do not even recognize the seniors when they see them. That indiscipline must cease,” he stressed.


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