Standard Chartered Declares Volunteering Month

standard-chartered-bank-logo-2Standard Chartered staff across Africa have declared September as ‘Employee Volunteering Month’.

The over eight thousand employees across the Bank’s African footprint will aim to make a difference in their communities by contributing their time, skill and effort to a variety of projects.

The initiative includes mentoring young students, advising small enterprises in financial management skills, supporting environmental initiatives among others.

Launching the month, Kweku Bedu-Addo, Chief Executive of Standard Chartered Ghana said “Employee volunteering is one of the strongest indicators of what we stand for as a bank – to be here for good by showing commitment to the communities in which our staff live and work.

“We are passionate about volunteering as they not only help individuals in the community, but also enrich the hearts and minds of our volunteers.  We look forward to the opportunity of using our skills in making a unique contribution to Ghana this year,” he said

Employee volunteering is an integral part of life in Standard Chartered and staff are entitled to three days of volunteering in addition to their annual leave. The objective is to encourage employees to commit their time and unique skills to help meet the needs of their local communities.

Last year, the Bank’s markets in Africa achieved 105 per cent of their target; recording 9,252 days overall against a target of 8,843 days. This year, the Bank is aiming to once again exceed its target of more than 8,800 volunteering days.

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