Stakeholders Call For GHABSA Congress

Stakeholders in baseball and softball are clamouring for immediate elections to choose new leaders for the Ghana Baseball and Softball Association (GHABSA).

The mandate of the old and incumbent executive expired on June 31, this year but calls to hold congress to elect new officers seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Originally, congress was supposed to be held in June but over a month after the expiration of the term, nothing has been communicated to stakeholders on when it would be held.

Information on the failure the Association to call for congress has been scarce, culminating in an uneasy calm in the corridors of the GHABSA.

It is in this line that stakeholders presented a petition to the Minister of Youth and Sports (MOYS), blaming the old executive for the present predicament of the Association and called for their exit from office for competent and dedicated people to be elected to steer the affairs of the Association.

The petition copied, to the Director General of the National Sports Authority, (NSA) and the Chief Sports Development Officer (NSA) complained of the refusal of the current management to communicate to them, reasons for the delay in organizing elections, and stressed ”this is a sign of gross disrespect to the members”.

In all, 24 members, including trainers, national players and past Executives endorsed the petition which identified gross mismanagement of funds, failure to execute almost all schedules on the association’s calendar , lack of disrespect of trainers and players, lack of transparency, commitment and communication, misunderstanding between elected members as some of the reasons for the call for congress.

The petition revealed that the current executives are deliberately dragging their feet on holding the congress and stated that during the tenure the not a single stakeholder meeting has been held to address the growth of the game.

The petition mentioned stakeholder intent to come up with a road map, to change the fortunes of the GHABSA.

By Victor Buxton

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