Stakeholders brainstorm to solve education challenges

• Dr. Robert Okyne(inset) addressing the participants. Photo: Mercy Amparbeng

• Dr. Robert Okyne  addressing the participants. Photo: Mercy Amparbeng

A day’s stakeholders’ forum to deliberate on ways of addressing emerging challenges confronting the progress of education, has ended in Accra.

It brought together more than 80 participants including educationalists, heads of departments from selected schools who brainstormed towards developing pragmatic solutions to the challenges facing the educational sector.

The programme was organised by the Educational and Management Training Foundation (EDMAT), a non-governmental organisation, which trains heads of schools and teachers on supervisory skills.

In his welcome address, Dr Robert Okyne, Executive Director of EDMAT, indicated that the educational sector in Ghana was saddled with various challenges including financial restraints, inadequate teachers and infrastructure.

He explained that a country could never move forward if the educational sector was neglected.

“Authorities must endeavour to place more emphasis on improving the system of education in the country because the students and pupils are the future of the country,” he said.

According to him, the system analysis of the country’s educational system and its reforms had not changed from the system of education that was introduced by the colonial masters, adding that most of the reforms that were introduced had suffered political patronage rendering them ineffective.

“Education policy reforms and their distortions have in most occasions left the learners more confused than convinced,” he said.

Dr Okyne further called on government to involve representatives of schools in the implementation of educational policies.

Mrs Doris Ashun, Director of Catholic Education Unit, presenting an overview of government’s partnership with mission schools, challenges, expectations of mission schools, appealed to the government to ensure a cordial relationship with mission schools.

She said the charter system given to the health sector in the management of the mission hospitals should be extended to the education sector.

Mrs Ashun, therefore, called for commitment to the partnership of the government with the missionary schools.



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