St Paul’s SHS yet to fix date for re-opening

NO date has yet been fixed for the re-opening of the St Paul’s Senior High School at Denu which was closed down a fortnight ago, after a first year student was killed from police warning shots to quell a violent riot on the campus by some of the students.

The headmaster, Mr Francis Hlorgbe said in a telephone conversation with The Ghanaian Times on Monday that although the campus was now calm, the teachers and other staff members were now worried about their safety at the school, if it re-opened.

Meanwhile, he said that a PTA meeting had been scheduled for Friday, February 20, to adopt measures to repair the damage caused by the rioting students.

The meeting, Mr Hlorgbe said would also enable the school authorities to present a firsthand account on the riot to the parents and guardians, “since we have not spoken to them officially on the issue yet”.

“After the meeting, we will inform the municipal and regional directorates of education and also the municipal assembly of the decisions we have taken, and hopefully, we will then know when to re-open,” he said.

The disturbances at SPACO on February 6 began when some of the students attempted to lynch two of their colleagues they accused of engaging in an act of homosexuality.

The authorities, with the help of other students intervened to whisk the two boys to safety.

This angered some of the students who went berserk and vandalised the bungalow of the senior house father, Mr Edmund Gadzekpo and destroyed his personal belongings including his car, motorbike and a laptop computer, during a power outage that evening.

This prompted the school authorities to send an SOS message to the police who responded promptly.

But the rampaging students turned their anger on the police and pelted the police with stones and other objects.

In the wake of the clash between the rampaging students and the police, a gunshot was head after which the innocent teenager was hit in the head by a bullet.

Rakeeb was rushed to the Aflao Municipal Hospital, where he died soon after admission.

A coroner’s report said that he died from a “fractured skull with penetrating brain injuries, and high velocity gunshot injuries”.

The deceased has since been buried, while three policemen have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

A delegation from the school visited the bereaved family last week to express their sympathy over the death of the teenager.

On the future of the two students who were allegedly caught in the homosexual act, the headmaster explained that they were still being interrogated by the police.

From Alberto Mario Noretti, Ho

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