SSNIT Must Be Serious

Dear Editor,
Recently, some personnel of the Public Relations Department of the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) have been visiting some radio stations trying to educate workers across the country about the importance of updating their records, early before proceeding on retirement.

They talk, talk, talk and talk a lot about the promptness with which SSNIT officials will receive SSNIT contributors at any nearby SSNIT office and how prompt queries and records of such contributors would be answered and updated without any sweat.

Even though the idea itself is an excellent innovation, one really wonders whether the Public Relations Department is in touch with those who are slated to answer the queries and update the records at nearby SSNIT offices across the country. This is because even where a SSNIT contributor nearing his retirement age, submits his duely signed updated records from his employers to a nearby SSNIT office, it takes so many months before SSNIT amends such records.

And this is when the contributor had visited a nearby SSNIT office many times trying to find out when his records would be amended to reflect the true situation on the ground.

Sometimes, a SSNIT contributor would be told by SSNIT officials: “the volume of work on our hands is huge,” “the officer working on you records is not there,” “we can’t find the original letter you brought from your employers on our file” and a host of other annoying statements.

And after visiting a nearby SSNIT office many times in an attempt to rectify anomalies afflicting your records without success, SSNIT will dispatch an army of young ladies to go round offices asking the same questions you had been asked before at their offices and demanding the same documents you had already provided at their nearby offices. What is the sense in the SSNIT radio programme then?

If SSNIT must be trusted, it must be really serious in addressing the concerns of its numerous contributors promptly and efficiently. If indeed, it is true that the hands addressing the concerns of SSNIT contributors at nearby offices are not adequate, SSNIT must engage the needed hands to effectively live up to the expectations of its key clientele.


Nii Ayitey Otoo,

Box AB 44,


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