SSNIT must be serious

Dear Editor,

Quite recently the social security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) management embarked on the issue of Biometric cards to register SSNIT retired and active contributors.

Both retired and active contributing members were advised to contact various SSNIT officers to go through the processing exercise and have the biometric cards issued to them.

They were also advised to provide their contact telephone numbers so that when the cards were ready, they would be informed and also, their contact postal addresses so that in the event they could not be contacted by telephone, the cards would be posted to them.

Some of us kept on checking at the various SSNIT offices and where we have our post office boxes every now and then when the telephone calls never came.

Just this week, when some of us checked at the SSNIT Offices, we were informed that most of the Biometric Cards were sent to the Dansoman post office so we should go and check, even though we did not provide Dansoman Post office as our contact postal addresses.

For instance, how come that some contributors who live at Ashieye, Madina, Osu, etc and provided their contact addresses are being treated in this reckless and irresponsible way?

We think that the whole exercise is a sham, just like the I.D Cards exercise which was carried out some years back and never materialised.

If people do not take the trouble to go and look for the Cards at Dansoman, then the whole exercise becomes a waste of time and public money going down the drain. An exercise in futility!

Management of SSNIT must be up and doing, be seen to be doing the right things and show care for the welfare of poor contributors. They should not waste our time because it is out of our sweat and toil that SSNIT employees get paid.


Abe Mensah,O. Box OS.01296, Xborg-Osu, Accra.


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