Spreading our kindness on Valentine’s Day

The world yesterday celebrated the St. Valentine’s Day, a day that is both legendary and mysterious.

Indeed, the motives behind the day’s creation and even St. Valentine, the old saint, after whom the day is named, have been shrouded in controversy and doubt.

Historians have it that, Saint Valentine’s Day embraces a time of year that is historically associated with love, compassion and kindness.

Even though there remains some speculation over the exact date of the celebration, the first official Saint Valentine’s Day was declared on the 14th of February by Pope Gelasius in 496 AD, in memory of a  century martyred priest in Rome.

Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated beyond western cultures. Around the world, lovers exchanging romantic gifts and families share kindness towards one another.

The day has also been turned into a huge commercial venture that lure people to spend huge sums of money to buy gifts for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.

However, in Ghana, the day has been set aside and dedicated as Chocolate Day, by the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Tourism, to encourage Ghanaians to patronise the world acclaimed chocolate from Ghana’s cocoa beans.

Other social activities were also held to commemorate the day.

Besides all the joy and excitement, the Times feels that Valentine’s Day has two sides. It can sometimes be really exciting, but at the same time could be miserable.

It can be enchanting to a boyfriend, husband, children, or other family members who spend time together to celebrate the day.

What about the numerous people who do not have anybody to celebrate the day with? We can imagine the loneliness of the unfortunate ones who do not have a family to spend time with or do not have children or a loved one to share their love with.

For many, it was really depressing but others had a happy Valentine’s Day. We are however, certain that, if it were a matter of choice, everyone would want to choose a happy and not a sad Valentine’s Day.

As a matter of fact, everyone likes to be happy even if they don’t have relatives to share their love with and make them happy, that is why we advocate that we should use Valentine’s Day to spread our kindness beyond our close family members and friends.

It is against this backdrop that we congratulate all individuals and organisations who shared their time and resources with the less-privileged in the society.

We should all see Valentine’s Day as a very sweet and special day that makes people feel loved. But it also makes a lot more people feel lonely, and therefore, important for all of us to share our kindness to all.



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